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    Huzhou product Microelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

            Huzhou jiwei electronic technology co., LTD. Is located in huzhou, which is known as "the home of silk, the land of fish and rice, and the land of cultural relics". Huzhou is located in the north of zhejiang province, near Shanghai in the east and hangzhou in the south. The existing factory covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, of which the r & d experimental base covers 1000 square meters. The company's main projects are fitness equipment frequency converter, dc controller, electronic display table, servo system, driver power and other microcomputer electronic control system.

           The company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in research and development. The laboratory is equipped with a complete set of relevant testing equipment, including EMC testing equipment, electrostatic testing equipment and anti-interference testing equipment for electronic and electric electronic products. It also has a professional testing team. The company has gathered a number of professional technical talents who have been engaged in the design, development and testing of electric and electronic products for many years. The strong r&d team has guaranteed the reliability and professionalism of product development. In order to expand its research and development capacity, the company has conducted close technical cooperation with the research institutes of famous universities such as Shanghai university, zhejiang university, huazhong university of science and technology and zhejiang university of electronic science and technology. Through the communication in the academic field, we have expanded the technology and market development of future products。

           Since the establishment of the company, a number of new technologies, new products. Relying on the outstanding technical strength, enterprising spirit of market development and sincere service, customers are highly valued. Fast access to markets in Europe, Australia, the United States, and southeast Asian countries. With an efficient, pragmatic and user-oriented working style, we strive to be the first in the industry to provide users with high-quality and stable products. In order to achieve this goal, the company has made public and kept its promise to take concrete actions to exceed customers' expectations for products and services.

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    • +86 (0) 572 2299218
    • 35wuxing science and technology pioneering park, bailidian town, huzhou
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